As a recruiter, I do things a little differently. I’m a people-person and I love connecting with people and maintaining relationships, and I like to think that both candidates and clients alike know they’re never just a number to me.

Here’s what people have to say about me…

“I met Dezzi 5 years ago and since then she has consistently outperformed expectations and presented the most qualified candidates available in the marketplace. She is very well versed in the fields that she recruits for and it shows.

Dezzi goes the extra mile in her research efforts and is very thorough throughout the entire process – both on the client and candidate’s behalf. She focuses on the best fit and not just the numbers, unlike much of her competition.

I have dealt with dozens of recruiters over the years and she is easily one of the best.” 
– Chad Clemen,  mortgage industry veteran, branch/sales manager 

“Dezzi Rae Marshall is a recruiter but, what is more true, she is a connector.  She works diligently to understand not only the needs of the company she is soliciting employees for, equally she works to make sure there is a fit.  The lengths she goes to in helping a candidate prepare is in direct proportion to the efforts she makes in understanding the job requirements.  It should not surprise anyone to comprehend that she takes her job seriously and brings passion to it like nobody I know.

-Therese H, mortgage loan originator 

“I recently utilized Dezzi’s services to secure a position in the Real Estate Lending industry. It was my first time working with a recruiter and the results were impressive. She is clearly an astute judge of talent as she approached with an opportunity that is a great fit for my skills in spite of my having an “outside the box” resume. She was with me throughout the entire interview process providing me with insight on the company and interviewing advice. More impressively she has even followed up after my hiring to see how my training went and to ask about my experience in the process.

I would highly recommend Dezzi for your recruiting needs as a company or a candidate.”

-Michael M, mortgage loan originator

“I spent countless hours, working the job boards…some of which will not allow you to submit a cover letter, etc. So, here I am, a seasoned (top producing) Veteran, struggling like crazy to find the right fit, the correct place to hang my license(s) and whilst on Linked-in one day, I spotted Dezzi. Factually, I had reached-out to other recruiters/ headhunters before, wondering if they were ….really listening too me?

When I first spoke to Dezzi, I could tell that she was listening, and better yet, used to be in mortgage banking herself. The benefit(s) of this are manifold. Suffice to say, not only did she facilitate a really strong meeting/interview, the position as offered was exactly what she described, no ‘dog and pony show’….just results.

If I had not found, spoken with, and trusted her….acumen, it is certain I would still be out listening to smoke blower after smoke blower…telling me how “strong their leads are”….”     

– David Gordon Howes, Loan Officer 

“Because of Dezzi, I have just been placed in the job of my dreams, and I cannot thank her enough.   Hiring teams and candidates alike can rest assured that Dezzi will never waste your time.  Unlike most recruiters, she has no interest in throwing jobseekers against the wall in the hopes that someone sticks.  It’s not a numbers game with Dezzi.  She is a smart and meticulous recruiter who, with the precision of an ER surgeon, seeks out companies and candidates who together will thrive.  She is in the game for the perfect match – not the commission – and for that, I highly recommend Dezzi to companies looking to hire and to candidates looking to prosper.”

– Susan Hale, PR Professional

“Dezzi found me through Linkedin. She placed me in a very prominent firm for a freelance marketing position and subsequently found me a second position. Both companies were wonderful experiences and I credit that to her amazing ability to understand people beyond the resume. Additionally, we have had very productive conversations discussing market trends and industry standards all of which benefit me. She invests in the person, not the resume. I am a better person for knowing Dezzi.”

– Tammy Lundgren, Marketing Specialist

“Dezzi recruited me for my current position last year. I’ve received calls from dozens of recruiters in the past and can say that Dezzi stood out. She had a serious opportunity, remained engaged with me and the company through the process, and got the deal done quickly. Too often recruiters are focused on numbers instead of fit, Dezzi is one of the few exceptions and one of the few recruiters calls I will take!” 

– Joshua Bevan, Managing Partner, Blackbox Alpha

“Dezzi is a talented professional who puts 200% into everything she does. As a recruiter, she does not look to just fill a role, but she takes the time to make sure the person she is placing with a company is not only qualified but is the right fit for her client’s culture.

In addition, she really listens to what a candidate is seeking and does her best to meet those requirements when presenting them with opportunities.

Dezzi puts a lot of time and effort into her research and search efforts and is very thorough throughout the entire process – both on the client and candidate’s behalf.

She is a fantastic recruiter and an amazing colleague.”

– Sabrina Sauceda, Senior Recruiter/ Talent Acquisition Manager/ Sourcing Expert


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