Dezzi Rae Marshall


I started out as a Public Relations Manager. Then I became an Advertising Agency Account Executive. Then, I became a Marketing Director. Then I became a Loan Officer. And as a Loan Officer who generated my own deals, I had to do a ton of marketing so I learned everything I could about building websites, SEO, SEM, content marketing, etc. In doing so, I found myself liking the world of tech startups.

So, here I am, combining my background in sales and marketing with my love of technology, and helping companies, large and small, save time and money by partnering with them in their recruiting efforts!


I’m a recruiting ronin. What’s a ronin? In feudal Japan, ronins were samurai without a lord or master. And that means that if I’m working with you, I really like you and believe in what you do and am truly excited to let candidates know why you’re a great place to work at.

I’m a sponge. Yep. A sponge. I soak up every single detail that I can about the clients that I recruit for, and I do the same thing when it comes to the candidates that I work with. Because it’s only when you know both parties really well that you can make a perfect match. (Cue “Matchmaker, Matchmaker” from ‘Fiddler On The Roof’ please.)

Recruiting is not like throwing spaghetti on a wall in the hope that something will stick.  If you’re a client, I’m going to give you only the candidates that I am certain will meet your expectations.

Purple unicorns don’t exist. And I have no compunctions about telling you if you’re asking for one.   Whether you’re a client or a candidate,  if I find that what you’ve got on your wishlist is a tad unrealistic. if you have wishes that are a tad unrealistic, I will bring you back down to earth. To not do so would be a waste of everyone’s time.



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